The hot new market for luxury property in Vietnam ‘Bloomberg on February 18 2019. ‘

In July 2015 Vietnam relaxed its foreign ownership laws inviting the world to invest in this miracle economy that has improved year on year for the previous 30 years. Vietnam is now recognised as 1 of the best performing economies in the world. Oceanview real estate has now created Oceanview real estate Vietnam in the beautiful city, Da Nang city. Complimented by its neighbour and sister city Hoi An the new international and domestic airport continues to attract flights from around the region and the globe. The world is discovering the future.

Bloomberg describes Da Nang city as the Singapore of Vietnam. Singapore is actively working with Da Nang on urban planning and infrastructure projects. The financial times London back in 2015 awarded Da Nang city, the city of excellence award. They recognise Da Nang as the most improved city in the world. Prizes for the best hotels, the best golf courses, the best international airport, the easiest place to do business, the best infrastructure and Live and Invest said Da Nang is one of the ten best places in the world for foreign expats to live. One of the six most beautiful beaches in the world according to Forbes along with the 3rd largest port in Vietnam, make this one of the most attractive tourism living luxury lifestyle business hubs in the world. Oceanview Real Estate is nowhere to help guide you and assist you in making the right investment decisions and helping you to maximise your return on investments.

We at Oceanview real estate are confident that although very established this is the beginning of 1 of the most exciting chapters in Vietnam’s history.

Export manufacturing, tourism, real estate, information technology and all aspects of the economy are booming with a population of around 94,000,000 people. Approximately 60,000,000 30 years and age and under have the advantage of one of the greatest local workforces in the world. For the foreign investor and domestic investor, this is the right place and the right time, and that is why we are here.