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We endeavour to locate and source the finest quality products with a guarantee to negotiate an attractive fair deal on your behalf. Every challenge we enjoy and succeed. There are endless opportunities in this great country Vietnam and we are always learning and discovering more.

Now Vietnam<br>The Number 1 <br>Award winning <br>Procurement and <br>Sourcing <br>negotiator for <br>IMPORT <br>and <br>EXPORT <br>all products <br>and <br>REAL ESTATE <br>
Biggest Award winning Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE History

Our team has a history of entrepreneurship, honesty and integrity and can provide references from VIETNAM and from around the globe. We pride ourselves on professionalism and your success is our success. We aim to build long term relationships and grow together.



Tim moved to Dubai, UAE in 1998 to export cars to the UK. Operations expanded into domestic trading in the UAE, importing furniture from Bali by creating Bali Eye Furniture company. In 2001 the Dubai government announced the freehold property law that allowed foreign citizens to purchase property in the UAE for the first time. Tim recognised that opportunity and proceeded to open Dubai's first real estate agency, Ocean View Real Estate. This company led the market opening 4 showrooms in Dubai and two outlets in Abu Dhabi. The biggest award won agency in UAE history and always the best in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Arabia. In 2010 it beat all other real estate brands across the world. Bloomberg sponsored and judged 2000 entries from 122 countries awarding Ocean View Real Estate the best Real Estate agency in the World.


In 2008-2013 Tim Boswell was honoured to be selected to partner with his Highness SHK Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the eldest of 2 sons of the president of the UAE. . They created Ocean View Real Estate Abu Dhabi located at the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi. A great honour in the United Arab Emirates. 

HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. SBKHOLDING Dubai. Tim Boswell Ocean View Dubai "Best in the world" Bloomberg


In 2020 the world coronavirus pandemic began and Vietnam was recognised as one of the world leaders in the war on Covid-19. The Department of Security created the world's best mask in the war on Covid-19 and we negotiated with them to be the exclusive Agent  exporting to the UK, EU and USA. This is the best mask in the market and has been on all TV and media. We were very grateful for the opportunity and Honor to work directly with the Vietnam Government department.

            Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Van Hoa


Sourcing and Negotiation  on behalf of the world’s Buisness community and Entrepreneurs is our expertise and Experience We only work with the owners of the factory the manufacture as we do with real estate owners. The decision makers. We put the buyers and the sellers directly together. Trust and full transparency by all parties is very important. All our reputations depend on this. Safe professional Buisness. This is what we enjoy and you can only be the best doing what you love. Negotiating and deal making. We have more experience than any other. Turned over Billions of dollars Our track record and reputation speaks for its self. 
Vietnam is the future the future is happening NOW. Each day there are new opportunities as the world focuses on the next Frontier. 
The ‘Next China’ smaller more open. This is Vietnam’s time now. Join us. We are your door to the future. The products you require will be only the finest Quality and the best Value. We are the best with the most integrity and honesty in the market.  After expanding then relocating. 
Nearly five years on Navigating Buisness in Vietnam is not difficult it’s who you work with that counts.

  Director of Danang Center for Supporting Enterprises

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Our Team
Hien Dang
Director of Operations
Hien who continues to be very successful in the Immigration and Company formations, also playing a pivotal role in the launching of Ocean View Vietnam - Real Estate. Travelled extensively for many years and worked with USA, Canada, UK, organising Visas and managing students whilst communicating with the best education establishments in the world. During the last 2 years Hien has also managed the sourcing and exporting of essential PPE globally including many additional products of all markets. Negotiating and securing contracts within high levels of the Vietnam Government and possess a very invaluable database of contacts of Vietnam successful business’s.
Ruth Piotrowski
Commercial Director
Ruth with over 20 years experience based in the UK who continues to very successfully navigate the international Commercial Procurement market for some of the world’s biggest household brands. Having expertise in commercial cost containment and business improvements, Contract negotiation. Import and export globally working at the highest business levels.
Julia Altrichter
Procurement Import Export Director
Julia who lived in Dubai for 20 years and being one of the earliest pioneers of the Dubai Real Estate market and remains a Managing Partner of a successful Real Estate company in Dubai. Now living in her home country of Austria, mother to Jonny and wife to Rudy. Julia who has been awarded so many accolades in her very successful business life to date and continues to build her working relationships with the highest net worth business communities around the globe, including close neighbors and German speaking countries, Germany and Switzerland. Julia continues her expertise in Procurement and contract negotiation.
Paul Widger
Entrepreneur of Procurement
Paul a good friend and very successful entrepreneur. Paul who during his time in the Music industry has managed many artists, Craig David, Simply Red and numerous others including the managing of many producers, the lists are endless. Paul being a consultant for Atlantic Records in New York for 8 years securing deals with Sony, Universal Warners and BMG. Over the last few years Paul has also been very successful in Import/Export business in the south East Asia region and also owner of a Bamboo Furniture company. Paul has a large business network and database that spans the world.
Hanh Watt
Chief Operations Officer
Hanh 30 years in Ho Chi Minh city with a long history of 5star hospitality. A very respected successful business woman, owner of 7 restaurant/bars in Ho Chi Minh City which just prior to the Covid crisis sold to a Swiss Billionaire. A true entrepreneur. There is nothing Hanh does not know in the launching of a new successful business in Ho Chi Minh City and entire Vietnam. An expert in both import and export and continually building on her already very respected entrepreneur reputation in Vietnam and the Asia region.
Nhi Nguyen
Executive Assistant and Sourcing Expert
Nhi an expert in international immigration and very knowledgeable and experienced with the international business world. A very capable Procurement and sourcing agent of all products across Vietnam working with most successful manufactures and suppliers. Most recent in last 2 years Nhi has been very much involved and an asset of Ocean View Real Estate Vietnam.
Van Pham
Procurement and Sourcing Agents
Van has 4 years experience in the Western Markets including procurement, sourcing, securing costs and supply in all product markets. A very focused individual who thrives on a challenge and achieving the concluding of deals.
Van Nguyen
Procurement and Sourcing Agents
Van specializes in Procurement and sourcing, Company Formations, Real Estate Very successful in managing the leasing of Land, Commercial and residential properties in Vietnam. Very experienced working internally with Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and EU